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Help with your investment property

Support from an investment property loan specialists

With so many options for financing and refinancing properties, having a trusted expert on your side is an invaluable investment, no matter whether it's your first investment property or you’re a seasoned pro. Best of all, most of our services are available at absolutely no cost.

No-nonsense advice to propel your investment strategy

The changing rules, regulations, and restrictions in investment finance make it a challenging environment for you. We draw on our experience to explain, in plain English, what these changes mean for you. 

We're here to guide you through the process

We'll consult with you throughout the buying process, keeping you in the loop while managing external factors and getting you the best possible deal from lenders.

How MoaMortgages is different from the banks

We provide you with mortgage advice, fast approvals and leading rates from lots of different banks making sure you get the best home loan possible.

The importance of relationships

MoaMortgages has been in the lending industry for a while now and we have built up personal relationships with industry leaders ensuring our clients get the best service possible.

MoaMortgages works with a wide variety of lenders

MoaMortgages works with both main bank and non-bank lenders to ensure a wide variety of options to match your lending needs.

Investment loans that
help you build wealth

The lending world has changed. These changes to legislation make it is harder than ever to increase your investment portfolio. MoaMortgages is here to help you navigate this new world and maximise your financial position.


We'll customise a flexible solution that maximises your cash flow and grows your investment portfolio.

Get in touch and tell us how we can help

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